All seasons are beautiful in Lexington: from blooming Spring, to glowing Summer, to snow-covered Winter. But we all have a special love of Fall. It’s just a little chilly, it means Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s gorgeous.

Wait, what? You’re not sold? Okay then, here’s the…

My home… #LexVegas #dubyuhnell

1,000 posts!

1,000 posts!

When I meet up with friends for ladies night at a bar and it is literally all guys

AHHHH these are so gross! These pranks have me scurred. Dislike.

When I’m with my boyfriend and he puts his hand out to hold mine


The Craft (1996)

#work When I feel like I might finally be getting some upward momentum in my job
When I drag my boyfriend to something I really want to do but he has absolutely no interest in doing

Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Why do teen shows suck now?

When I’m in a fight with my friend but our favorite song comes on
When my boyfriend is lying to me, and I know he’s lying to me
My commute to #work in the morning #RVA
Awesome photo, Brian!

Awesome photo, Brian!